Data Engineer vs Data Scientist (Infographic)

This Infographic will assist us to understand better about the skills and responsibilities of Data Engineer and Data Scientist. Also, it helps us to compare salaries, popular software and tools used by each. Hope this helps!


Statistical Analysis in MS Excel using KADD Stat!

Most of us know that we can do few statistical analysis using ‘Analysis Tool pack’ addin in Microsoft Excel. We can also do more than that using KADD STAT.

KADD STAT is an add-in which comes for free of cost and easy to use. Mostly all the versions after Excel 2003 would support. So, students and other people who want to use some basic statistical stuff can utilize this awesome one.

Download KADD here

How to Install the New Version of KADD

Also see video here

Option A

If KADD is currently not stored on your computer, then use the following steps:

  1. Download KADD into a folder on your hard drive
  2. Open up Excel
  3. Go to the Tools option and click on Add-Ins
  4. Click on the Browse button (on the right side of the dialog box) and go to the folder with KADD
  5. Double-Click on KADD
  6. KADDSTAT 3.02 will now show up as an Add-In option. Check it and press OK
  7. KADD will then show up as a menu option across the top. You may have to close Excel and then open it up again before you see KADD in Excel across the top

Option B

IF you have already installed the older version of KADD, then use the following steps to upgrade it to the new version:

  1. Download KADD to your hard drive
  2. Open up Excel
  3. Go to the Tools option and click on Add-Ins. KADD (the older version) will be an option in Add-In menu. Remove it by clicking off the check mark and shut down Excel
  4. Now open up Excel again and follow Steps 3 through 7 from Option A

Ready to rock?

A Glance at the available list of analysis in the add-in

List of analysis

You can calculate probability values

  1. Find confidence Intervals in different scenarios
Confidence Intervals

2. Plot a Normal curve

3. Plot ‘Box plots’ for your data

4. Find out minimal sample size for different scenarios

Sample Size

5. Perform Hypothesis testing

Hypothesis Testing

6. Draw different quality control charts and find out process capability for normal data

Quality Control

7. Find out correlation and regression 

Regression and Correlation

8. Become a forecasting pro ! 🙂


9. Some financial calculations

Risk and Return

10. Find out Expected value and variability

11. Perform Decision Trees 

12. Linear Programming

Reference Tables

Doing this is simple if you have data and know what to do. Give it a try and enjoy ! Happy learning…

10 famous TV shows related to Data science & AI (Artificial Intelligence)

“If you want to become one, first get inspired by one”

There is always few interesting ways to learn things and get inspire. Would you like to know few TV shows which are based on Data science and Artificial intelligence? We always like to do the things in the way we love. Here you go & happy watching (learning)



Thanks to AV for this.

Top 8 Viz features in Excel 2016 !

This is especially for the excel lovers! In this blog, we will see few of the new and exciting data visualization features of Excel 2016.

Here is the list of new features

  1. Hierarchy Chart/Tree Map
  2. Sunburst
  3. Water fall or Stock Chart
  4. Transform Cold data into a cool picture
  5. Instant Histogram
  6. Pareto Chart
  7. 3D map
  8. One click forecast

These are the most wanted charts by the Dashboard creators. These are very simple and attractive. This set of features makes excel more competitive with other expensive visualization tools.

  1. Hierarchy Chart/Tree Map:

Select the data that you want to use for creation of the chart then Go to ‘Insert’ tab > Charts > Insert Hierarchy Chart


Isn’t it cool? OK, we go to the next one.

2. Sunburst/Donut Chart:

It is another representation of a Pie chart. An alternate to boring the Pie chart. Go to ‘Insert’ > Charts > Insert Hierarchy ChartSunburst

3. Water fall or Stock Chart

It is recommended to sort the data by any order to have the better insights.Screenshot 2016-01-02 12.13.11.png

4. Transform Cold data into a cool picture

This one is based on the Add-ins.

Screenshot 2016-01-02 13.10.54

Select your data to visualizeScreenshot 2016-01-02 12.21.56Screenshot 2016-01-02 12.22.02

Select ‘Settings’ to change the design of the chartsScreenshot 2016-01-02 12.24.11

5. Instant Histogram:

Create histograms quickly instead of going to “Analysis Tool Pack” in add-ins. Go to Insert > Charts > Histogram

Screenshot 2016-01-02 13.38.51.png

6. Pareto Chart:

Earlier, we had to customize the data structure to create ‘Pareto chart’ but now it is just a click away to explain the 80/20 principle.

Screenshot 2016-01-02 13.50.36.png

7. 3D map:

Power Map, the popular 3-D geospatial visualization add-in for Excel 2013, is now fully integrated into Excel. We’ve also this feature a more descriptive name, “3D Maps”. You’ll find this functionality alongside other visualization features on the Insert tab.

Screenshot 2016-01-02 13.55.08

It will open another sheet like below Screenshot 2016-01-02 14.00.36.png

then we can change the theme and other options like ‘2D Map’. “Play Tour” option will show an awesome chart with lively visual.

Screenshot 2016-01-02 14.02.13Screenshot 2016-01-02 14.03.48

8. One click Forecast

It has become more easy for the Data analysts who do forecast.

Select the data that you want to forecast and Go to ‘Data’ tab > Click on “Forecast Sheet”

Screenshot 2016-01-02 14.11.35

Adjust the “Seasonality” appropriatelyScreenshot 2016-01-02 14.17.37

Screenshot 2016-01-02 14.18.19

and your forecast is ready.

Hope you like these features and much more to come from Microsoft. Try these things and enjoy !

Data Viz ! Cheat sheet for R Data Analyst

Data visualization has become a vital slice of data science arena. Hence, our key tool should have strong capabilities on both the fronts – data analysis as well as data visualization. With this revolution in the landscape, or has extended immense popularity because of its splendid data visualization capabilities. With a few lines of code, you can produce beautiful charts and data stories. R contains superb libraries to create basic and more evolved visualizations like Bar Chart, Histogram, Scatter Plot, Map visualization, Mosaic Plot and various others. Below is the cheat sheet of widespread visualization for representing data. Thanks to my colleague for sharing this.

Data Viz Cheat Sheet

Introducing cricketr! : An R package to analyze performances of cricketers

A very good analysis using R in the field of cricket. Must see ! 🙂

Giga thoughts ...

Yet all experience is an arch wherethro’
Gleams that untravell’d world whose margin fades
For ever and forever when I move.
How dull it is to pause, to make an end,
To rust unburnish’d, not to shine in use!

Ulysses by Alfred Tennyson


This is an initial post in which I introduce a cricketing package ‘cricketr’ which I have created. This package was a natural culmination to my earlier posts on cricket and my completing 9 modules of Data Science Specialization, from John Hopkins University at Coursera. The thought of creating this package struck me some time back, and I have finally been able to bring this to fruition.

So here it is. My R package ‘cricketr!!!’

This package uses the statistics info available in ESPN Cricinfo Statsguru. The current version of this package only uses data from test cricket. I plan to develop functionality for One-day and…

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A Complete List of Data Science Online Classes

Great resources to learn data science online ! Here you go !

Hi, I'm Scott

The blog is now migrated to

You can consider online classes from Coursera for self-study.  Coursera provides online classes (most of them are free) offered by university professors, typically attended worldwide by thousands of students and working professionals. In particular, consider the Data Science Specialization from John Hopkins University, which offers a guaranteed certificate demonstrating your ability.

Coursera Courses

Additional online class resources


Please share in the comments…

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